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How to find dentist reviews?

Most people choose a dentist or doctor by asking someone they trust. Reviews for dentists can help patients decide which dentist to choose but it’s not always easy to know if you have accurate information. Still, its very important if you want to keep your teeth for life, have them look or feel great, and keep your general health in top condition through good oral health.  Here we tell you how to go about choosing a dentist and what to look for.

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Australian Dental Association

Australian Dental Association

Australian Dental Association is a good place to find advice on what to look for when looking for a dentist. They have articles regarding recent studies and changes in the dental field.  They can also answer any questions regarding your dental health.


check online reviews

Online Review Sites

Online review sites such as Yelp and  Womo. Also check Google+ Pages where you will find information about the dentist and reviews they may have. You can even write a review yourself. We invite you to check us out on Yelp!


Check at the surgery

Check the surgery

As you walk in, look around you. Is the building well maintained? Does the place feel welcoming? Are you warmly greeted and do you have a comfortable place to relax prior to your appointment? Is the dentists and staff well presented and clean?


Does it have health dept? Hartwell Dentistry does

A Hygiene Department?

Does the practice have a hygiene department? Every dental practice should have its own hygiene department to give you the best of dental care, as “prevention is better than cure”.


Quyen dental hygienist

The Hygiene Department

A dental hygienist has been specially educated to provide you with preventive care and treatment that will enhance your overall dental health. They are registered dental care professionals that work with the dentist to provide you with holistic dental care that is suited to your needs.

At Hartwell Dentistry, we have a hygiene department as well as a dedicated hygiene coordinator – almost unheard of in Melbourne! Our dental hygienists are the key component in helping to prevent a range of serious dental problems, which saves you money, improves the condition of your smile, and keeps you as healthy as possible. Our hygienists have been trained for 3 years and are given the important role of preventing, treating and maintaining dental disease – especially gum disease.

Matt dental hygienist

Come in and see the dentist and dental hygienist

We can provide customised, detailed oral hygiene advice and instruction in order to help you maintain optimum dental health at home.


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